Our Bank Cards

Bank Cards adapted to your needs? Discover them at BANK OF AFRICA!

Travel, lunch, shopping, work... everything changes when you have the right bank cards! In this short description, we present you our different types of cards, adapted to all your needs – In dirhams or in foreign currencies, in debit or in credit, classic or premium: discover everything about our offer.

  • The Classic Cards:
    Available with all BANK OF AFRICA packages, classic bank cards give you access to a variety of services in all simplicity. Withdrawals at bank counters, payments by card, or even the management of your savings account: everything is simple and accessible. In this selection, you will find the "Visa Jeune Campus" card (reserved for 18-24 year olds), the "Opale" card, with its generous ceilings that make it easier to manage your budget, and the "Azur" card, which allows you to activate your foreign currency endowment directly without having to use dedicated bank cards. We also offer you the "MasterCard Tawfir" card, which brings your savings right at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Premium Cards:
    An experience worthy of what you deserve: that's what we offer with BANK OF AFRICA's premium bank cards. Starting with Visa Gold, international cards with high cash withdrawal limits, international medical and legal assistance to cover your unexpected travel needs, and a deferred debit limit of up to MAD 30,000 per month. Carry out your operations with full peace of mind, and cover them once your account is funded at the beginning of the month. With Visa Platinum, your deferred debit limit increases to MAD 200,000 per month, plus exclusive benefits including access to 29 airport lounges in the world's top destinations. Last but not least, our Platinum MasterCard is also packed with exclusives, including free unlimited VIP access to 25 airport lounges in Morocco and abroad, travel discounts, membership to the Airports Lounge Key program, and much more.
  • Endowment Cards:
    Planning a trip abroad? A desire to shop? A book, a product that you can only find on a foreign website? Take advantage of our endowed Visa bank cards, designed to carry out your foreign currency transactions. With the Visa E-Pay, you'll have access to the entire world of international online shopping: convenient for crossing borders without leaving home! By choosing the Visa Voyage card, you can activate and accumulate all the allowances permitted by the Exchange Office: transportation, children, care, or business. You can optimize your budget management and enjoy your trip with complete peace of mind!
  • Prepaid Cards:
    Because you don't always have time to enter a code for each transaction, the FastPay prepaid card from BANK OF AFRICA is contactless! You can use it to pay via EPT terminals in a few seconds, shop on local e-commerce sites, or as a convenient way to manage your shopping and leisure budgets... it is all up to you!