Passbook Account

Passbook Account

The Passbook Account: opt for a profitable savings account available at BANK OF AFRICA, for you and your family!

Do you and your family need access to cash at any time? Do you want to set aside money to cover expenses for future projects and achieve your long-term goals? Do you want to build up savings that will serve as a cushion in case of unforeseen events?

With the BANK OF AFRICA Passbook Account, your whole family can put money aside by benefiting from a cash reserve that is both profitable and available. As an interest-bearing current account, this account allows you to build up progressive savings in the form of a secure and accessible notebook. And if you wish to make your capital grow, your account is remunerated according to the applicable rate, with a remuneration which increases proportionally to the saved amount.

With this product, you can withdraw your cash at any time from any BANK OF AFRICA branch, as well as add to your savings by paying cash or transferring funds from your checking account. And for added convenience and comfort, these banking operations can be carried out by any member of your family through the use of a proxy delivered by you.

To open your account at BANK OF AFRICA, you just have to go to the branch with your national ID card and the amount of savings you wish to deposit. Your application will then be processed by your Account Manager who will call you to sign the opening contract once drafted. In addition, you will be given a Tawfir bank card which will allow you to have access to your funds in case of need and which can be used in all BANK OF AFRICA branches.

For you and your loved ones, manage and make the most of your savings with the BANK OF AFRICA passbook account.

For more information, we invite you to contact our customer relations center at +212522421542.