e-stamp payment available at BANK OF AFRICA

It is possible to make the payment of the e-stamp at BANK OF AFRICA through BMCE Direct, DabaPay or in your branch!

Need to go abroad for a business trip, for a vacation and need to renew your passport? Do you need to pay the stamp duty for the registration of your vehicle to the General Tax Office? For your international driving licence? Your hunting license?

Whatever your request, we will respond.

BANK OF AFRICA has added a new option to its online bill payment services: e-stamp payment. No need to spend days going to the tax office, going back and forth or waiting for your turn for hours in long lines; your time is precious to you, and it is precious to us too.

Simple and fast, this new feature allows you to pay various stamp fees (passport stamps, hunting licenses, international licenses...) safely and quickly, all from the comfort of your living room or office.

Access to this new billing system is available on :

  • The Web platform www.bmcedirect.ma and the Mobile application BMCE Direct (which you can download for free on App Store or Android), which allow you to carry out your current banking operations without going to a branch, in all simplicity, speed and security;
  • The M-Wallet DabaPay, the new mobile payment application from BANK OF AFRICA that makes it easier for you to carry out your daily operations, and which can be downloaded free of charge on App Store and Android ;
  • As well as on the BANK OF AFRICA branch network.

Download BMCE Direct or DabaPay now, or go to your branch to make your e-stamp payment easily!