BANK OF AFRICA is reshaping credit in Morocco to make it more flexible!

Credit in Morocco has been redesigned to be more flexible at BANK OF AFRICA. Today, your bank is even closer to you than ever, and offers you the possibility of acting flexibly on your mortgage from your smartphone..

Driven by the desire to make credit terms more flexible in Morocco, BANK OF AFRICA gives you control over the management of your home loan from your BMCE Direct space. You can choose one of the 3 flexibility options available to you.:

  • Pause Immo : suspending the repayment of its credit in Morocco is now possible with this option. You can thus defer the payment of your mortgage for a period of one month in order to compensate for unforeseen events that may arise during the return period.
  • Modulo+ Immo or Modulo- Immo : you can also revise the maturity of your mortgage upwards or downwards by +/- 10% of the initial maturity date.
  • Modification of the debit date: if your debit date no longer suits you, you can formulate the request for a change at any time preceding the 3 days of the due date.

If you hold one of the credits eligible for the service, namely Immo Plus Classic and Young Actives, Habitat Pro or Salaf Dari, you can now go to your advisor to activate this option. This is also valid for MREs who have taken out a loan in Morocco with BANK OF AFRICA.

When initiating the use of the flexibility service on BMCE direct Web, you can immediately act on the terms of repayment of your mortgage in the event of unforeseen circumstances.