Credit Daba, the new 100% online BANK OF AFRICA platform for your consumer credit.


Do you need funds for your personal projects? BANK OF AFRICA provides you with its new digital Credit Daba platform, which allows you to initiate your credit application securely online.


Consumer credit allows you to finance projects such as travel, marriage, home improvement or the purchase of other goods other than real estate. With the BANK OF AFRICA available In French and arabic digital platform, it is now possible to initiate your consumer credit application without going to a branch. Plus, you get an immediate response and fast, transparent case processing that you can follow online. In addition, you can benefit from a deferred reimbursement of up to 3 months, free application fees as well as personalized support by our advisers.

Besides, if you are one of our BANK OF AFRICA’s customer, you can initiate your consumer credit from your personal space on BMCE Direct. You will then be redirected to the website in order to get a customized simulation of your loan and pursue your online request.

Moreover, you can benefit from an online loan repurchase in order to gather your outstanding loans together in one monthly payment through a simple process on

To initiate your request online, all you have to do is go to and follow these steps:

  • Simulate your credit;
  • Fill in your profile and situation information;
  • Get the answer to your request;
  • Submit your supporting documents via the platform.


After completing these steps, you will receive your contract by email, you can then go to a branch to finalize your credit application. You will need to bring your contract and your original supporting documents.


Go without further delay to the Credit Daba platform by clicking on to initiate your consumer credit request!



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