Banking mediation is an alternative, non-contentious method of settling disputes arising or to arise between credit institutions and their customers.

The Moroccan Centre for Banking Mediation (CMMB) is an associative institution founded by the banking community under the supervision of Bank Al-Maghrib, which guarantees the independence and impartiality of the mediator.

The CMMB's mission consists in the amicable settlement of disputes between credit institutions and their customers.

The Banking Mediation allows for both a fast and free procedure for the customer.

The Banking Mediator is entitled to examine disputes relating to the management of current accounts, term accounts, savings accounts and means of payment, particularly questions relating to :

  • The operation of deposit accounts, whatever their nature ;
  • The operation of securities accounts ;
  • Bancassurance ;
  • Contestation of accounting entries ;
  • Conditions applied to banking transactions ;
  • Management of joint and collective accounts ;
  • Value dates, operations execution dates, and execution of commitments made under banking contracts ;
  • Closing accounts.

The CMMB can be reached by mail, e-mail, or directly at its head office :

  • Head Office : Angle Avenue Hassan II et rue Ahmed Touki, 20080 Casablanca (at the Bank Al Maghrib Branch)
  • Email :
  • Phone : 05 22 27 21 69
  • Fax : 05 22 26 24 28

The customer, natural or legal person, can refer to the CMMB in the following cases :

  • The customer has brought the dispute before the credit institution and has exhausted all internal remedies (compulsory condition before referring to the CMMB) ;
  • The customer has not received a response from the credit institution within the prescribed deadlines ;
  • The customer is not satisfied with the response given by the credit institution regarding the complaint.

For further information on the CMMB, please visit its website :