Santé Monde

"Santé Monde, health insurance that covers your hospitalization costs up to 6,500,000DHS, in Morocco and abroad


Because in terms of health you must be well protected in case of hardship, BANK OF AFRICA offers Health World, hospitalization insurance accessible and rich in benefits.


Santé Mondes essentials:


  • Broad coverage: Coverage cap of 6.5 million DH and assistance services included. The underwriting age limit of under 70 years and the age limit of coverage up to 79 years.
  • Morocco and abroad: Total coverage of hospitalization costs in Morocco and abroad, with freedom of choice of the country of hospitalization (Among the list of countries covered by agreements) as well as the hospital center (From a list of convention centers).
  • Free children: Free care for two children aged 16 and under.
  • After-sales service: A new platform has been set up for claims management in Morocco.


In addition, Santé Mondeoffers a set of advantages:

  • Choice of the country of hospitalization as well as the hospital center (from a list of approved centers), in Morocco and abroad.
  • Multiple care benefits for international hospitalizations.
  • 4 levels of international franchises: No franchise, 4,000 DH, 8,000 DH, and 15,000 DH.
  • No franchise in Morocco.
  • Rates accessible from 6 DHS per day, per person.