MasterCard Platinum is an international PREMIUM card offering a host of bank and extra-bank privileges! 

MasterCard Platinum card can be used in Morocco and abroad. It allows you to make extensive withdrawals and payments. It also enables you to activate your tourist funds either in your branch or via BMCE Direct Line 0801008100. 

Would you like to possess a prestigious electronic card offering a range of privileges? MasterCard Platinum is the card you need! 






-Free and unlimited VIP access to more than 25 lounges at airports in Morocco and abroad: France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, etc.

-Subscription to the LOUNGE KEY AIRPORTS program which provides for unlimited access to buffets, internet, television, showers, isolated retreats, etc.

-Discounts on your air tickets, hotels and transport services.


Life Style:

-Discounts by luxury retailers around the world especially in shopping villages.

-Discounts on online websites on the MYUS service.

-Unique experiences during your trips abroad: cultural, sports, gastronomic, etc.



-Purchase protection insurance against theft or the deterioration of purchased items with your card.

-Protection against fraudulent expenses and lost cards.

-Insurance against robbery and assaults following withdrawals at ATMs. 

Get your MASTERCARD Platinum card now and enjoy a privileged world. 

Do not hesitate. Take full advantage of  MASTERCARD Platinum card that you can discover through the application « Mastercard For You » available in stores.


From now on, you have the possibility to change or personalize the PIN of your BANK OF AFRICA cards at any time by a simple text message or via ATM. For more information, we invite you to contact our customer relations center on 0801008100.