Our Bank Cards (ATM Cards)

BANK OF AFRICA's Bank Cards have been designed for you, and only for you!

Bank Cards are not a luxury, they are a convenience that can be used in many different situations. Do you need to pay for your groceries? Your purchases on the Internet? An online service? Maybe your plane ticket? Your restaurant order or your in-store purchases? The scenarios multiply when you think about what you can use ATM Cards for.

At BANK OF AFRICA, we came up with several solutions to meet your expectations. Whether you are a student, a young worker, an executive or you have another professional affiliation, you can choose between 4 Bank or ATM Cards, each of which offers different services. To know:

  • The Opale card, which you can obtain simply by having a bank account at BANK OF AFRICA, and which allows you to pay for all types of purchases you make (shopping, restaurants, supermarkets, online payments, etc.) and to make withdrawals from all ATMs in the country.
  • The Azur card, which was designed for any BANK OF AFRICA client holding a checking account, and which allows you to make withdrawals not only from BANK OF AFRICA ATMs but also from other banks’ ATMs, and to pay for your purchases from merchants equipped with EPT terminals and e-commerce sites in Moroccan dirhams and foreign currency.
  • The Tawfir card, which is available to any BANK OF AFRICA client with a passbook account, and which allows you to withdraw money from your savings account wherever you are in Morocco and at any time.
  • The Jeune Campus card, designed to allow your children (aged 18 to 24) to manage their money easily, to make deposits and transfers without constraints, and to pay for their purchases in stores and on the Internet freely at a preferential rate of only 90 MAD per month.

Because at BANK OF AFRICA, we excel at recognizing the needs of our clients and do everything needed to offer them the best solutions and answers to their expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us on +212522421542 or to go to your branch to choose your ATM card!