Are you a team or a project leader aged between 18 and 45, and wishing to set up your own business in one of the following fields: Social Entrepreneurship, Services, Fintech, Engineering and/or Territorial Development? Would you like to get the support of one of BANK OF AFRICA's business experts?

Blue Space Incubators by BANK OF AFRICA offer tailor-made support for each project leader joining the programme, including:

  • Drafting the business plan,
  • Legal and accounting aspects,
  • Financial arrangements, marketing, human resources, R&D...
  • Mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs, renowned experts, and partners from the national academic and economic ecosystem.

Join one of BLUE SPACE Incubators stemming from the respective partnerships between BANK OF AFRICA and:

  • ISCAE Group, Casablanca campus
  • The Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences of Aïn Chock, Casablanca
  • Euromed University (UEMF), Fez

BLUE SPACE incubators seek to help project leaders fulfil their entrepreneurial ambitions and consists of two components:

  • An educational banking space dedicated to students and owners of incubated projects
  •  An incubator that provides project leaders accepted in the Blue Space program with a range of services and tools to train and support them throughout the process of turning their projects into reality.

BLUE SPACE Incubators offers you the following services:

  • An incubation space;
  • A complete training on campus;
  • Networking and funding support;
  • Technical and methodological support;
  • Mentorship by experts and professionals;
  • Access to the ecosystem of the Entrepreneurship Observatory (ODE);
  • A partnership synergy that connects you with existing support networks, seed accelerators, etc.
  • A "fresh perspective" thanks to collective training and experience sharing between project leaders.
  • An Assistance in compiling the investment loan file, whether for setting up a new business or developing an existing one.

Take control of your future and apply for the Blue Space incubator program of your choice on :

For further information, contact us on 0522 462 166 or 0522 498 934, or email us at :