Your free bank account

Are you a student aged between 16 and 25 and want a practical solution for managing your budget? BANK OF AFRICA offers you the Youth Campus Pack, a tailor-made offer including a free bank account as well as a multitude of advantages, at MAD 0 per month!

The Youth Campus Pack is a complete package including:

  • A free bank account; without checkbook, exempt from account maintenance fees;
  • A "Youth Campus" bank card allows you to:
    • Make withdrawals at all ATMs in Morocco;
    • Pay for your purchases at all stores equipped with TPE;
    • To pay on Moroccan and foreign websites;
  • Access to BMCE Direct remote banking to check your account, monitor your operations and even carry out transactions, at any time;
  • The possibility of opening a book account;
  • The possibility of subscribing for free to DabaPay, the innovative mobile payment solution that allows you to:
    • Transfer money, in one click, by phone number (transfer from MAD 5);
    • Withdraw money from ATMs without a bank card;
    • Pay for purchases from stores equipped with mobile payment;
    • Carry out telecom top-ups and pay bills

Solutions to finance your higher education here and there: In addition to the free bank account, BANK OF AFRICA supports you in the financing of your studies and offers you complete solutions for financing your higher studies in Morocco and abroad.

For your studies in Morocco, BANK OF AFRICA offers you loans at preferential conditions!

“Education +” credit

BANK OF AFRICA offers you a loan to finance your tuition fees in private higher education institutions recognized by the state. It is granted to the active student ** or to the parent / guardian.

Thanks to this credit, you can benefit from :

  • A Funding of up to MAD 250,000, at a rate of MAD 50,000 per year of study;
  • A repayment term of up to 12 years
  • Deferred up to 6 years ;

**Active student means a student who carries out an income-generating activity

“Education + Complementary” credit

BANK OF AFRICA offers you additional credit to finance the remainder of your tuition fees beyond 50,000 Dhs covered by the "Education +" credit.

This credit is granted to the active student ** or to the parent / guardian.

Thanks to this loan, you can take advantage of:

  • A funding of up to MAD 250,000, at a rate of MAD 50,000 per year of study;
  • A repayment period of between 6 months and 72 months maximum

**Active student means a student who carries out an income-generating activity

For your studies abroad, BANK OF AFRICA offers financing and assistance solutions:

Thanks to the "Study Abroad" credit, take advantage of:

  • Funding of up to MAD 200,000
  • With a repayment period of between 6 months and 72 months maximum

By subscribing to this offer, BANK OF AFRICA allows you to cover all costs authorized to be transferred by the foreign exchange office, namely:

  • Early school leaving allowance;
  • Tuition fees;
  • Living expenses;
  • Repayments of student loans;
  • Rent and corresponding charges; with the possibility of benefiting from an additional year of transfer after the end of studies

This credit is only granted to the parent or guardian.


  • BANK OF AFRICA makes it easier for you to transfer money for your studies abroad with the "School Transfer" Pack : an all-inclusive package from MAD 30 BT / month to receive your money easily and at a lower cost from your parents.
  • Find accommodation easily with BANK OF AFRICA. We take care of the rental deposit for your apartment abroad, with advantageous conditions.
  • Benefit from assistance in the event of a problem during your stay abroad, covering your medical expenses and possible repatriation, with BANK OF AFRICA.

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In addition to all these advantages, our many partnerships also allow you to take advantage of exclusive offers. Discover them in more detail:

Partnership with the Mohammed VI POSEF Foundation

Do you want to apply for the "ISTIHQAQ" merit scholarship from the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Promotion of Social Works in Education-Training (POSEF), and manage your money freely? BANK OF AFRICA supports you in your account opening procedures, and facilitates the procedures for receiving your scholarship as well as managing your budget.

Thanks to the "Youth Campus Pack" solution, benefit from a series of advantages and receive your grant directly in your account at the frequencies agreed with the Foundation.

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Partnership with the University Euro-Méditerranéenne of Fez (UEMF)

Are you a student at the University Euro-Méditerranéenne of Fez (UEMF)or are you planning to enroll there? Thanks to the partnership set up between the UEMF and BANK OF AFRICA, you can benefit from exclusive solutions to ensure the financing of your annual tuition fees within the UEMF. Take advantage of an unprecedented interest rate starting at 2% excluding VAT on Education + and Additional Education + credits (detailed above), and personalized support throughout your school career. Go to one of our BANK OF AFRICA branches accompanied by your tutor to subscribe to these offers.

Partnerships with higher education institutions

Are you a student in one of the partner schools or universities or do you wish to join one of the establishments mentioned below? Thanks to the partnerships set up between BANK OF AFRICA and these institutions, benefit from exclusive offers, from the opening of a free bank account "Youth Campus & M-WalletDabaPay" to the financing of studies in Morocco "Education Credit+"; "Additional education credit" and abroad "Study abroad credit".

Public Institutions

ISCAE ; ENCG Casablanca ; Hassan I University, Settat

Private Institutions

ESCA ; EmLyon Casablanca; UEMF ; Com Sup Casablanca ; IGA Casablanca ; ESG Casablanca ; Adalia Casablanca ; Art Com Rabat and Casablanca; IHEPS Casablanca and Marrakech ; ESEJE Casablanca ; EFA Casablanca ; HEM Tanger/Med Université Tanger ; UIC Casablanca ; ESTEM Casablanca ; SIST British University ; ESSEM Casablanca ; UM6SS Casablanca ; Universiapolis Agadir, ESCA, UM6P…