Hissabi pack

Manage your money serenely with the Hissabi Pack

You are an employee and you wish to have an optimal and secure management of your income? BANK OF AFRICA provides you with a range of banking services specially designed to make your daily life easier.

The Hissabi pack is a comprehensive offer linked to your checking account: the Hissabi Pack offers consist of a credit card for your withdrawals and payments, BMCE Direct for managing your operations online as well as a range of services to benefit from your bank on a daily basis.

Subscribing to the BANK OF AFRICA Hissabi Pack also means benefiting from secure management of your money through the insurance system BMCE Securicard, protecting you in case of loss, theft or fraudulent transactions on your credit card.

And because BANK OF AFRICA also adapts to your peak periods, we offer you the Overdraft service, which gives you access to an overdraft facility whose amount is adjustable according to your needs and the recommendations of your BANK OF AFRICA advisor.