BMCE Direct

My pocket bank with BMCE Direct


With a click on a button, can I have access to all my banking operations?


This is possible thanks to BMCE online service, a remote banking solution ideal for your transfers, balance inquiries, electronic banking refills, and  orders from home.


Choose the easiest channel for your account tracking. Whether in issuing your orders or receiving alerts and information, BMCE Direct is your online bank.


Online, through a phone or via free mobile applications, you are guaranteed a constant access to your money.


And if you hold a securities portfolio, you can even follow the share list live and remotely manage your portfolio.


Being highly secured thanks to your access codes, BMCE Direct guarantees an optimal security for your banking transactions.


Main of our Assistance products are now available online in line with the development of our online services : 

Assistance WorldAssistance Gold and SALAMA.


From now one, you can make an online simulation, ask for a quotation, or directly subscribe to the product of your choice for your spouse and your children. 


For more information, please contact our customer service center on 0801008100.


Download the BMCE DIRECT Guide