Assurance habitation

BANK OF AFRICA's Sécuriloge home insurance guarantees your safety, the security of your home and that of your property, by offering you comprehensive, tailor-made protection against the main dangers encountered in a home. BANK OF AFRICA's Securiloge insurance offers you comprehensive coverage against fire risks, as well as damage resulting from fire, explosion or electrical damage. Securiloge home insurance provides essential coverage in the event of water damage, or in the event of damage resulting from water leaks or sewerage. BANK OF AFRICA Securiloge also guarantees you and your family protection in the event of theft and vandalism, by insuring your property.

Sécuriloge home insurance offers liability coverage to the head of the family in the context of private life, which guarantees protection in the event of bodily injury and material damage caused to a third party. Following an accident, BANK OF AFRICA Sécuriloge also offers coverage to people for whom the head of the family is responsible, as well as to objects and property in his care.

Securiloge also allows you to protect yourself against an owner, or neighbors and third parties in the event of damage and loss following a fire or explosion, etc.

With Sécuriloge home insurance, have peace of mind and benefit from rapid compensation in the event of a claim. In addition to rapid compensation, Sécuriloge home insurance allows you to benefit from an advance of 10,000Dhs allowing you to resort to rehabilitation work on your home, pending payment of the compensation.

To find out more about the advantages of Securiloge insurance coverage, you can contact one of our branch offices, who will answer all your questions.