Hissab Kamil Pack

Hissab Kamil Pack: all the benefits of a bank account

An all-inclusive and fixed price offer, the Hissab Kamil Pack enables you to enjoy multiple benefits related to the opening of a BANK OF AFRICA account. All the terms of payment and banking services are accessible and facilitated thanks to our cutting-edge technology.

Your smart card  Azur allows you to make your immediate withdrawals, pay for your purchases and check your balance in real time in all our ATMs.

Monitor the status of your finances thanks to the included service of the BMCE Direct remote bank.

You are an employee and you want to make the ends meet? Your choice of Hissab Kamil Pack means opting safely for an overdraft authorisation predefined with your advisor.

Also, discover how to save money through joint purchasing, launch a paid savings project on your account book .... Choose Hissab Kamil Pack for a complete satisfaction.