BANK OF AFRICA has opted for regionalism and thus created 8 regional head offices to support the regional development in the Kingdom. 

Based on the devolution of activities related to commitments to organisation and support coordination, legal & permanent monitoring and the decentralisation of control activities, regionalism results in the establishment of Common Regional Offices for both channels Part / Pro and Companies, with a large autonomy and responsibility for all of the Region's management aspects. 
The ultimate challenge of the BANK OF AFRICA action is to significantly realize the value creation potential contained in each Region. At the same time, the Headquarters’ structures work better for sales forces, as they are serving the customer, and are refocusing on their core tasks of defining the practices and standards, contribution of expertise, and the implementation of procedures of assessment, monitoring and control. 
In this context, significant investments have been made ​​in human, logistics, and IT terms to ensure the success of this program and allow each region to establish itself as a model of performance, profitability and excellence.