1. Code of ethics
The BMCE Group has adopted a policy of good conduct and sound governance of activities and operations to be followed in all entities of the BANK OF AFRICA Group in order, particularly, to preserve the good reputation of the Group and to ensure the implementation of the best rules of ethics and professionalism by all its staff.

As such, a Code of Ethics, in line with the legal and regulatory corpus that governs the Group and its entities, has been put in place. It establishes the fundamental principles that must govern the behaviour of the BMCE Group staff, when interacting with all stakeholders, customers, suppliers, regulators, staff ….

2. Right to ethical whistleblowing
The BMCE Group has set up an ethical whistle-blower framework allowing employees to speak out when they deem they have good reasons to consider that an instruction received, an operation under study or more generally a particular situation fails to comply with the fundamental rules and principles governing the conduct of the operations of the BANK OF AFRICA entity.

3- Prevention of fraud and corruption
Given the diversity of geographic contexts and the importance of BMCE group’s investments, the group must be particularly watchful when it comes to the fight against fraud and corruption. Strengthening the integrity approach is therefore an issue of paramount importance to the Group, which follows a zero-tolerance policy to any form of corruption, active or passive.
This approach is based on clear principles, set out in the Group's Code of Ethics and enshrined in a specific policy relating to the prevention of fraud and corruption. It is a reference document laying out all the principles of action to be met by everyone in their day-to-day decision-making and in their relations with stakeholders.