According to the recommendations of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), "financial education should start at school, for people to be educated as early as possible".

That is why BANK OF AFRICA plays its part each year in educating and raising awareness among youngsters about today’s economic challenges by organising ‘Financial Days for Children and Young People, under the aegis of Bank Al Maghrib and the Moroccan Foundation for Financial Education (FMEF).

The event, which was held 14th–25th March 2016 for a 5th consecutive year in 8 regions (South Casablanca, North Casablanca, Central-Atlantic, Central, Eastern, North Mediterranean, Greater South and the Central-Southern), was proud to have contributed to youngsters’ financial education.


  • 94 branches involved in 47 towns across the Kingdom
  • 147 employees involved in the event, held for a 5th consecutive year