A confirmed upward trend, such is the result of the 2014 financial year, bringing out the consolidation of the financial base of BANK OF AFRICA Group, with its earning power growing stronger year by year.

This was recently again demonstrated by the record reached by the Net Income Attributable to the Parent, standing at MAD 1.944 billion, just under the bar of MAD 2 billion, accounting for more than the double of the amount of 2011, thus providing proof of concept for the Group’s strategic policy orientations, both in Morocco and abroad.

Combined with the broader diversification of the business sectors, this performance further reflect the rising power of the Group, which is gaining a firmer foothold in Subsaharan Africa, inter alia through, the launch this year of the African Entrepreneurship Award, a competition with strong economic and social impact.

Today, we have reached a new milestone in the development of BANK OF AFRICA, which is gathering further strength as a continental Group, leveraging this powerful « BANK OF AFRICA » brand name by coupling 
it with our prestigious BANK OF AFRICA brand. 
« BANK OF AFRICA » reflects our desire to extend our continental reach by setting up new establishments more especially in English-speaking and Portuguesespeaking parts of Africa.

As a Maghrebian and Pan-African Group, our corporate responsibility is evidenced by all the commitments of our subsidiaries, acting as the operational and efficient vehicle. Whether this relates to financing of developmental projects or to community-based actions geared to promote financial inclusion, the Group, in its African dimension, has managed to position itself as a key player, highly involved in the economic, social and environmental development of the 30 countries where we are doing business.

As part of 60th anniversary of the Independence of Morocco, 2015 will see the celebration of the 55th anniversary of the creation of Banque Marocaine du Commerce Extérieur, as well as the 20th anniversary of its privatization. 

We are confident that on these auspicious occasions, the accomplishments made by BANK OF AFRICA and its subsidiaries will be far more striking, living up to the expectations of their shareholders, in line with the stature and the national and international outreach of BANK OF AFRICA Group.