Commitment to responsible procurement

BANK OF AFRICA has drawn up a Responsible Procurement Charter, a standard reference framework for BANK OF AFRICA’s procurement teams and suppliers. Approved by the Internal Control and Coordination Committee, its goal is to:

  • Uphold best corporate practice in promoting human rights, employment law, anti-corruption and social and environmental issues
  • Communicate the Group's expectations regarding its suppliers, partners and subcontractors in terms of professional ethics and conduct
  • Reinforce and protect the Group's perceived standards of ethics and integrity and publicly promote it to its stakeholders


This Responsible Procurement Charter also enables BANK OF AFRICA to formalise specific undertakings that comply with the universal principles of the United Nations Global Compact:

  • Compliance with social and labour standards: the effective abolition of child labour, compliance with legal provisions on labour law and the minimum wage, upholding freedom of association, etc.
  • Ethical principles: preventing conflicts of interest, respecting rules of confidentiality, anti- corruption and abstaining from gifts and invitations
  • Environmental protection: controlling suppliers’ direct impacts, managing resources rationally and responsible waste management policy, strict compliance with safety standards