The International bank transfer of BANK OF AFRICA

Make your import-export business easier with BANK OF AFRICA's international bank transfer service.

Do you run an import-export business? Do you need a bank that understands your business and can help you carry out all your operations? Would you like to have access to secure money transfer solutions to finance your business? BANK OF AFRICA's international bank transfer will satisfy your needs.

We understand that your international import-export business requires several financial operations, such as collecting export proceeds and settling import invoices through international bank transfers. With your partner BANK OF AFRICA, when you issue a transfer order, you can benefit from simplified formalities related to international settlement procedures as well as preferential transaction costs.

In addition, as an exporter, when you receive an international bank transfer it will be shown directly on your bank account. As an importer, an irrevocable payment order in foreign currency will be issued to your foreign supplier. Besides, thanks to the international SWIFT network, you can be sure that international bank transfers and money transfers are carried out with optimum security.

At BANK OF AFRICA, choosing our international bank transfer service means choosing an easy, secure and fast solution that meets the needs of your import-export business.

Ensure the smooth running of your business by opting for BANK OF AFRICA, the bank that promises to satisfy you and your business partners! Contact your account manager now to learn more about the required procedures to use the international bank transfer services of BANK OF AFRICA.

For further information on BANK OF AFRICA's services and products, please contact our customer service on 080 100 8100 or visit one of our commercial branches.