BANK OF AFRICA's mass transfer package, a fast and reliable solution

Take advantage of our mass transfer solutions to gain speed and security at the heart of your business moves!

For the payment of your employees' wages, the payment of your suppliers or for any other need for collective transfers, BANK OF AFRICA offers you mass transfers: a fast, immediate and economical service. This solution allows you to make transfers to the accounts of your employees and other beneficiaries through an ultra-secure electronic data exchange.

Thanks to mass transfers, you can automate and dematerialize your transfer procedures, which allows you to lighten all the administrative tasks related to the operation of your business and to make transfers to beneficiaries domiciled in the same bank or with a sister bank.

BANK OF AFRICA's mass transfer is a fast and reliable banking solution that optimizes the processing of your payments with a guarantee of transmission of your files to the bank through several secure exchange channels by transfer of structured computer files on magnetic or electronic media in a predefined format. This banking solution also allows you to optimize your company's cash flow and closely monitor the status of withdrawals made.

With the BANK OF AFRICA mass transfer solution, you also minimize the risks associated with cash transfers thanks to our ultra-secure processing channels, allowing you to make your transfers with confidence.

Opt for the optimization of your banking transactions by choosing BANK OF AFRICA!

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