Guarantee Retention Security

Protect yourself against funds withholding on achieving procurement contracts

Your company plans to carry out a public contract to conduct work?  Public Administration has the right to withhold funds for non-compliance with the terms of the specifications.

The BANK OF AFRICA Guarantee Retention Security allows you to:


  • Deviate from the requirement to withhold funds that the Administration imposes on you to prevent a potential breach of the contract in the execution of works financed  by the  undertaken public contract
  • Relieve the cash flow of your company by cashing up to 100% of the amount of the completed work
  • Carry out your projects confidently with your BANK OF AFRICA partner, in exchange for a direct debit covering the possible withholding of payment by the contracting authority after  realizing the report on work

With the BANK OF AFRICA Guarantee Retention Security, you take care of your funds and your cash.