Cash Pooling, BANK OF AFRICA's financial flow consolidation service.

Are you a large company or multinational with multiple accounts? Do you want to ensure centralized and optimized management of the cash flow of your subsidiaries, to visualize their needs and their surpluses at a glance, or to optimize your financial expenses?
Then Cash Pooling is BANK OF AFRICA's tailor-made solution that meets your expectations.

BANK OF AFRICA provides large companies with a solution to improve their cash management, simplify their bank account structures and reduce the overall costs of their transactions. By balancing all the accounts of a group's companies, this method also optimizes debit balances through the elimination of overdrafts and regulates credit balances.

On the other hand, Cash Pooling has numerous other advantages: it allows you to save on unnecessary costs due to market imperfections as well as access the financial market for groups composed of small companies. It also allows participating companies to benefit from a lower borrowing interest rate than that which would be applied when acting individually.

Finally, one of the major advantages of BANK OF AFRICA's Cash Pooling service is obtaining better visibility and more effective control of liquidity in your subsidiaries and in various entities around the world.

Cash Pooling is available for any legal entity holding several current accounts, for large multinational or Moroccan companies with a subsidiary structure.

Choose the optimal cash centralization system from BANK OF AFRICA!

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