Advance Payment Security

Businesses, facilitate your access to Public Administration advances

You are an entrepreneur and want to start work? You need funds to initiate it? BANK OF AFRICA guarantees your receipt of an advance payment for work thanks, to its Advance Payment Security. The principle is simple:

BANK OF AFRICA Advance Payment Security is a guarantee of repayment of the downpayment that the contracting authority  (Public Administration) has deposited to you under a business contract

  • This fund restitution is effective in case of a total or partial failure to implement the contract
  • The amount of the security is the amount of the deposit you benefit from, generally 15% of the contract amount
  • The BANK OF AFRICA Advance Payment Security is valid until the due date of the business contract which coincides with the delivery or the end of service, ensuring a good completion of work

With the Advance Payment Security, ensure your payments and give breath to your cash.