Online Etebac 3

To facilitate communication with customers and enable the exchange of data via the most exacting standards, BANK OF AFRICA provides a file transfer protocol in Etebac 3 format.

This interbank communication service offers many advantages:

  • You connect through your computer to the server and directly proceed to data  transfers thanks to your configuration card
  • The protocol is bilateral: you send and receive your files through teletransmission (Bank account statement, withdrawals or bank transfers) 
  • You have a 24/7  access to Etebac server 
  • The option of interbank exchange in Etebac 3 format offers you a wide range of bank operations
  • The Etebac 3 standards  eliminate risks related to loss, theft, distortion, delay, piracy… that can happen through conventional means of conveying data

Integrate high technology to your cash management with the Etebac 3 service.