Credit Business Online

With the new Credit Business Online business financing solution from BANK OF AFRICA, benefit from several advantages and powerful features.


Do you need new solutions to finance your business? BANK OF AFRICA provides you with its brand new digital Credit Business Online platform, an online portal that offers you several advantages and functions to simplify the financing of businesses.


The Credit Business Online platform, accessible through, is not only an interactive and complete solution, but it also allows you to initiate your business credit applications remotely and in complete security. Through Business Credit Online, you can access our tailor-made credit offer covering all business financing needs:

  • Checking current loans, overdue lines, etc…;
  • Initiation of an online credit application;
  • Access to information on the different stages of your credit application (notifications relating to the admissibility of your application, unblocking of lines, etc.);
  • The renewal of expired lines;
  • Strong authentication to ensure maximum security;
  • Considerable time savings in the processing of credit applications;
  • The availability of information 24/7.


Through Credit Business Online, BANK OF AFRICA expresses its commitment to businesses and positions itself as their partner by offering them innovative solutions in order to facilitate but also to maximize the efficiency of the management of their financing.


Go without further delay to the Credit Business Online platform by clicking on to discover our solutions!