Standby Letter of Credit

A mutual guarantee on your international import and export transaction

You are an importer or an exporter looking forward to improving your trade exchange?

The opening of a Standby Letter of Credit allows you to achieve optimum safety in your import and export commercial transactions with your foreign trade partners:


  • You are an exporter: in case of non-payment from your customer  abroad, you use the Standby Letter of Credit on a simple production of documents proving the debt: the issuing bank  of your customer will carry out the payment
  • You are an importer: based on the same principle, you guarantee  your supplier that  BANK OF AFRICA will replace you in case of need
  • This guarantee system  mutually reassures the partners and contributes to the improvement of trust regarding your  trade exchange

Trust is a real commercial success lever. In both exports and imports, choose the Standby Letter of Credit to reassure your stakeholders.