1-     Our human capital, a wealth potential

An HR strategy based on individual responsibilities and a collective vision

As the leader in foreign trade, bank insurance and electronic banking at the national level, BANK OF AFRICA is positioned as a reference player in the financial market as well as in the advisory and investment activities, with an ambition to become a key player in economic and social development at the African level.

Whether they practise general or specialized business activities, each employee is entrusted with clearly defined tasks and responsibilities. Individual and stimulating objectives serve our Group’s overall vision and, to this effect, call in for dialogue, team spirit and the pooling of skills.

Every year, we participate in great schools forums to support our policy of recruitment of young laureates from Business Schools, Engineering Schools and Universities. With over 400 new 

2-    Our Human Capital

Being aware of the fact that our human capital is our main source of wealth, our Group has set up a Human Relations policy based on the following: 

  • Integration that nurtures the spirit of belonging

BANK OF AFRICA strives to enable its new recruits to familiarize themselves with their new working environment, their colleagues and their hierarchy, forging the first links in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. 

The Integration Days organized particularly over lunch that is served at the side of BANK OF AFRICA Club swimming pool and which is accompanied by Business Games is a great sharing time that fosters immersion.

  • Training at the service of skills development

Strengthening training activities helps to accompany the dynamics of change and growth asserted by BANK OF AFRICA and is also part of our approach to career management and skills development.  With the aim to anticipate market requirements, different programmes are designed, taking into account not only the Group's growth plans, but also the specific individual and collective needs so as to ensure the consolidation of expertise and prepare our employees to undertake new challenges.
Upgrading the potentials through the Leadership Continuity Program is a specific device for the detection, evaluation and development of a pool of High potentials. This program’s goal is to make of talent management a core management competency and ensure succession in accordance with the succession charts.

  • An internal mobility that boosts professional careers

To ensure our self-fulfilment commitments, we make it possible for more than 1 500 of our employees to benefit yearly from a mobility process that brings new life to their career by offering them captivating and dynamic prospects for career advancement. 
Depending on the aspirations of each employee, dedicated managers make every effort to provide enriching and enhancing gateways.

  • A motivating and fair compensation system based on performance

BANK OF AFRICA designs not only merit pay, but also compensation that optimizes the creation of collective value through customized evaluation, promotion criteria and a compensation system rewarding individual effort and performance.

  • Guaranteed benefits and fulfilment

Facilitating access to home ownership, benefitting from stays in holiday centres or enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of BANK OF AFRICA club are but a few examples of the benefits available to our employees. 
These actions are part of an effort to promote our employee’s professional and personal fulfilment.