Cash Management

TRESO PRO: The solution for maintaining good cash management to cope with the unexpected.

Regardless of its size or the industry in which it operates, every company pays special attention to its cash management to maintain its financial health and support its growth. However, despite your company's foresight and financial diligence, its cash flow may become financially unbalanced when unforeseen events rise.

TRESO PRO is a beneficial solution that is designed to help you overcome the financial difficulties you may face, and aims at improving your cash-flow by offering you two cash management recovery options.

By choosing to benefit from Trade Discounting, you will be able to immediately collect revenues from your customers to whom you will have granted a delay of payment after the delivery date of your goods or services. To do so, you simply have to visit our Sales Representative and present your Standardized Bill of Exchange (SBA) for discounting. The amount will be credited to your business account.

You can also opt for the Overdraft Facility solution which is simpler to set up and which consists in injecting liquidity into your current account for your cash management needs. This solution will enable you to cope with temporary disparities that may arise between operating expenses and income, while waiting for confirmed income inflows.

BANK OF AFRICA is at your disposal to help you cope with economic hazards. TRESO PRO will allow you to optimize your company's cash flow management, in order to guarantee your business success even in unforeseen situations.