carte monétique business pro

MASTERCARD Business Exclusive Pro is an international PREMIUM electronic payment card, which adapts to your needs, while offering you a very high payment capacity to make your purchases at merchants by TPE, on e-commerce websites, as well as a very high ceiling for cash withdrawals from your current account.

Are you planning a trip abroad? On simple request at a branch office or by calling our Direct Line, you have the option of instantly activating your tourist allowance, or requesting that your foreign currency account be linked to your electronic payment card. You can then use your MASTERCARD Business Exclusive Pro electronic payment card to pay for your purchases abroad or to make withdrawals (within the limits of the ceilings defined by the Foreign Exchange Office).

The MASTERCARD Business Exclusive Pro electronic payment card also gives you free access to a selection of VIP lounges in more than 700 airports around the world, and gives you the advantage of a full range of insurance and assistance (flight purchases, fraud, loss of luggage, cancellation of flights, evacuation and repatriation, etc…)

In addition, the MASTERCARD Business Exclusive Pro electronic payment card gives you the benefits of, in the event of loss or theft of your card abroad, the worldwide CASH breakdown service and many other emergency services.

Get your MASTERCARD Business Exclusive Pro payment card now and access a world of privileges, both in Morocco and internationally.

With the MASTERCARD Business Exclusive Pro electronic payment card, the activation of your endowment is free and instantaneous by simply calling 080 100 8100 or at your branch. Discover the many additional advantages at the following link

From now on, you have the ability to change or personalize the PIN of your BANK OF AFRICA electronic payment cards at any time with a simple SMS or via our bank counters.

For more information, we invite you to contact our customer relations center at 0801008100.