Forfait Pro Business

Forfait Pro Business: for a strong management of your professional bank account

As a comprehensive offer of a range of banking products and services, the flat-rate solution Forfait Pro Business is designed to facilitate all the banking transactions related to your business activity.

Backed by your BANK OF AFRICA current account, your immediate debit cash card allows you to make withdrawals and payments anytime in your daily errands.

The Forfait Pro Business banking package is also a solution to make budget savings. Thanks to its flat-rate tariff, you get an exemption from the account management fees as well as the charges related to your day-to-day operations in Morocco.

At your request, it is also possible for you to choose an overdraft facility option adapted to your abilities.

And for more freedom, you may even check your accounts and make remote transfers easily thanks to Direct Pro service, our convenient and secure internet portal.

Welcome Pack Special New Liberal Professionals Customers :

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  • Free account management fees
  • Premium bank card
  • Unlimited range of day-to-day transactions
  • Extra-banking benefits

Packages eligible for this free service :

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