Visa Gold

Visa Gold is a PREMIUM card with immediate debit offering you large Withdrawal & Payment capacities in Morocco and abroad. It is accompanied by all the possibilities of conventional banking operations with an array of additional options adapted to your needs.

Thanks to the deferred debit option, you may optimize the management of your finances and settle your business expenses without advance fees regardless of the size of your business.

During business trips in Morocco or abroad, Visa Gold offers you medical and legal assistance wherever you are in addition to an advantageous tourist allocation upon activation.

Discover all the advantages of your card on the following link:

Visa Gold optimizes your best resources, your time and your money for you!



From now on, you have the possibility to change or personalize the PIN of your BANK OF AFRICA cards at any time by a simple text message or via ATM. For more information, we invite you to contact our customer relations center on 0801008100.