Retail Pharmacist Union agreement

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Because your activity is specific, BANK OF AFRICA has signed a mobile agreement with the Retail pharmacist Union of the Wilaya of Grand Casablanca to help you improve customer experience at your pharmacy.

If you are a pharmacist and you wish to cash in the sales of your products in an instant and secure manner, BANK OF AFRICA offers you a new experience thanks to its mobile payment solution "DabaPay Pro".

From now on, your customers equipped with a mobile payment solution can pay for their purchases via their phones. Your DabaPay Pro solution therefore allows you to receive the exact amount of the transaction directly into your account, thereby avoiding any contact with money and the inconvenience related to money management.

With DabaPay PRO solution, you benefit from the following services:

  • Receive payment from any national mobile payment solution,
  • Receive a notification as soon as the payment is approved,
  • Pay merchants equipped with a mobile payment solution
  • • Withdraw money without a bank card from BANK OF AFRICA ATMs as well as other national banks’ ATMs (in the process of development).
  • Pay your invoices to suppliers available in your DabaPay PRO application
  • Recharge your telephone.

From now on, do not waste time and opt for mobile payment!