Boost your business with VSE PACKAGE

Wondering how to run a business while facilitating the management of your expenses and revenues? BANK OF AFRICA put together all the advantages essential to the good management of the account of a very small enterprise in one package.

Linked to a current account, this offer includes a whole range of tariff benefits on the management of your banking operations (an exemption from both the account management fees and the commissions on current operations).

And to guarantee convenience and security to your withdrawals and payments, BANK OF AFRICA offers you a Business credit card and a subscription to BMCE Direct so that you may closely monitor all of your banking operations.

Start on solid foundations thanks to VSE, the comprehensive offer designed to optimize the account management of your small enterprise.

Welcome Pack Special New Liberal Professionals Customers :

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  • Free account management fees
  • Premium bank card
  • Unlimited range of day-to-day transactions
  • Extra-banking benefits

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