Ensure the financial security of your family with Assurepargne

In order to ensure an income for your family in case of death or total and permanent disability, BANK OF AFRICA offers you a death-disability insurance principle linked to your account book’s balance.

As a secure means of ensuring financial protection to your family in case of accident, Assurepargne allows you to benefit from low insurance premiums: 30 MAD per year to ensure a balance of 5000 MAD.

Your savings allows you to benefit the selected beneficiaries from a guaranteed capital amounting to 30,000 MAD, depending on your account book’s balance. You may choose the beneficiary/beneficiaries and also change them at any time during the validity period of the contract.

BANK OF AFRICA helps you maintain the savings you have made ​​in order to free your loved ones from financial difficulties that could result from your passing.