Joker PL Credit | BANK OF AFRICA

Pre-arranged credit for your unexpected expenses!

Are you a self-employed professional looking for a flexible financing solution available at any time? BANK OF AFRICA's Joker PL Credit is the solution.

The joker loan for self-employed professionals is a pre-arranged amortizing loan that can be activated at any time. Thanks to this credit, you have a cash reserve of up to 30,000 DH, which you can use to meet a financing need or an unforeseen expense.

The line is valid for 12 months and can be renewed each year, subject to verification of eligibility conditions such as the age of the beneficiary, the direct debit of the salary and the level of indebtedness.

What's more, Joker Credit for self-employed professionals allows you to benefit from early repayment without penalty.

Discover Crédit Joker for the self-employed and benefit from a customized financing solution for your business.