Senior Solutions

a new offer adapted to your new life moments!


BANK OF AFRICA is eager to support you in every stage of your life, and aware of the importance of retirement. Therefore, BANK OF AFRICA has come up with "Senior Solutions", offering you adapted services to assist you in the fulfillment of your new projects.

It is an adapted offer that allows you to protect yourself and your family, and enables you to meet your new needs through personalized financing.


1. Assistance with manifold services:


Available 24/7 in Morocco to help you live a peaceful retirement and protect yourself and your family. Indeed,  Senior Assistance provides you with global coverage thanks to its tailored services at an annual individual fee of MAD 129 VAT inclusive, including:


Medical Assistance :

In case of sickness, you can call the assistance company* which will immediately dispatch an emergency doctor to your home to provide you with the necessary care (special doctor fee of MAD 150).

* Insurance company reachable on 0522 46 46 47.


Home nurse:

After a surgery, and if necessary, you can ask for a home nurse to look after you and continue the post-operation care prescribed by your doctor.


Health transportation:

  • Urban or interurban transportation: When your health condition requires an ambulance, a transfer to another hospital is provided. 
  • Return home of the insured person: The assistance company takes charge of your return home after hospitalization, or following a transfer to a hospital unit.


Advance for admission to a Moroccan hospital unit:

In case of illness or accident, an advance of MAD 10,000 is paid to the hospital unit for the admission of the insured person.


Assistance in case of death: 

- Carrying the body of the insured and deceased person to the burial place.

- Contributing to funeral expenses if the insured person passes away in Morocco.


2. An adapted credit offer:


BANK OF AFRICA offers you an immediate credit offer adapted to your different personal needs and various projects (travel, development, etc.). Moreover, to finance your children’s higher education, you have the opportunity to benefit from the credit Education Plus, with very advantageous conditions.