To remotely manage your accounts safely, we offer you the BMCE Direct Service

If you are a Private  Individual or a Professional, you may subscribe FREELY  by contacting your branch

Once subscribed, you may manage your account and access your services from the BANK OF AFRICA website from your smartphone, digital tablet and interactive voice server (your password must be digital)

You may request a PIN code reset

  • By visiting your branch: your password is regenerated and delivered consistently
  • By calling "Direct line" at 080 100 8100 ( From Morocco)  or at  +212 5 22 42 15 42 (from abroad) ) from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7/7.
  1. The regenerated password is sent to the mailing address of the client in an average time limit of 5 days for the addresses in Morocco and 10 days for overseas addresses 

To unblock your password, you may:

  • Contact your branch Advisor
  • Or  call "Direct line" at 080 100 8100 ( From Morocco) ) or at  +212 5 22 42 15 42 (from abroad) ) from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7/7.
  • By subscribing to Direct Pro service, you can delegate another person (assistant, accountant, etc) to remotely manage your accounts, by creating a delegation user name and assigning them a perimeter of accounts and functions you set and share with your branch advisor.

This operation requires additional security, namely the PERSONAL KEYS  CARD you can request on your BMCE Direct space under "Enhanced Identification" section 

The card will be sent to the branch within 8 days

It will be useful whenever you want to declare a beneficiary for your transfer on  BMCE Direct


The "Statement and History" section generates a PDF file containing the record of my transactions in  the previous month

Transactions history allows you to view the operations carried out during the last 6 months with a limit of 5 pages.


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