You wish to invest for a short term

You can choose between a term deposit  or a Cash voucher  paid during the period you have chosen

You wish to invest for a long term

  • You want to have savings to finance your children's education, we offer you  Education Savings
  • You want to benefit from additional revenue at retirement, we offer you  Retirement Savings / Savings Pro 
  • You want to save to prepare for a home acquisition enjoying the remuneration on the savings, we offer the Home Savings
  • You want to save (for yourself and the beneficiaries you designate), while benefiting from a life insurance, we offer a death and disability insurance (Crescendo)
  • You simply wish to receive remuneration on your funds and have them at your disposal at all times, we offer you the Savings account

Education and Retirement savings products offer you greater flexibility in managing your savings as you may freely determine the amount of your contribution (with a minimum depending on the product), increase or reduce the amount of your contribution, or suspend your contributions if you face difficulties

You get benefits and tax exemption on performance at the end of the contract

You may at any time request the partial or total withdrawal of your funds before the term

Funds must remain continuously on the savings account for a fixed period to generate interest: from the  1st to to the 15th of the month included, or from the 16th to the last day of the month included.

These interests are credited once to your Savings Account at the end of each quarter.

You may  subscribe to Savings Pro to allow you to build up a capital in time, to face possible events or even to maintain the same standard of living that you had when you were active (retirement)


This is a life insurance product, medium and long term, with the possibility of free or periodic payment.

You can at any time request the partial or total withdrawal of your funds before the end of the contract. However , the savings loose the benefit of the tax exemption