We recommend first of all that you  share your project with your branch advisor, so that he/she tells you about your borrowing capacity.

Don’t leave the use of a Notary till the end. Remember to prepare your bank file as you consult a notary

If you wish to buy a property in Morocco and you are living abroad, you  have the possibility to:

  • Deposit  your file in our overseas network. The latter will take care of notifying you  about the complete list of documents required and will coordinate with your agency in Morocco
  1. Click here for a list of our network abroad

  • You can also allow a person you trust to do the act of signing the  loan release contract on your behalf  via a Proxy



If you take out a loan with a fixed rate, the loan installments are constant throughout the credit period.


If you take out a loan with a variable interest rate, monthly payments can be revised upward or downward annually (on the anniversary date of the loan) based on the change in rates on the financial market

You can have as many types of loans as you want (real estate, consumer, overdraft) provided that your debt ability and the study of your case allow you to do so

To obtain a consumer credit, you  must have resident status in Morocco.

You can finance your studies in Morocco or abroad through our wide range of dedicated loans with suitable reimbursement terms.




Beyond the funding of the tuition fees for the institution to which you wish to apply, the “Study abroad” credit allows you to finance even the living expenses and other related costs

  1. Click here to check our offer on the Student loan

We help you finance the various events of your life  as an active young

  • Your accommodation: primary or secondary (new or old) or construction (with or without land purchase) through the  Active Young Real Estate Loan
  • Your new vehicle: Turnkey and comprehensive insurance for the 1st year with preferred conditions through the Auto Credit Pack
  • Your car insurance: 0% if you opt for a duration of 6 months maximum, through BMCE Secur'Auto
  • Your best picks and hard knocks: travel, or other unforeseen event, through the Joker credit that allows you to instantly have a reserve and stagger your future or already incurred expenses serenely, whatever the type of expenditure, the place and the means of payment (cheque, card or bank transfer).
  • Other events of your life: furnishing your home, buying furniture, wedding ... via the Immediate loan which is repayable in regular installments over a period of 6 to 83 months.


For your business needs in new rolling stock utility, medical equipment or office furniture and computer hardware, you can subscribe to our leasing products.

For needs of acquisition of commercial premises or an office, you can access different credit formulas  (real estate or leasing)


Share your project with your branch advisor so that he may tell you about the different financing options that the bank offers based on your borrowing capacity.

Several products can be considered depending on your situation so as to give you a debit authorization on your account


Inform your advisor about your situation so as to offer you the product that suits you best

In case of sale, you will necessarily have to pay off your car loan to enable the buyer to have the discharge, which is necessary for the renewal of the car registration document into his name


The conditions of the loan agreement may or may not be modified according to the type of credit

  • Mortgage: you can reduce or increase your monthly installments / duration at any time during the life of the credit
  • Consumer credit: contract terms are attached to the contracts and can not be changed


You can repay your credit at any time under the general conditions of the established contract and / or the agreement (if any) you received when applying for your loan at no charge or by paying charges

You can repay your credit at any time under the general conditions of the established contract and / or the agreement (if any) you received when applying for your loan at no charge or by paying charges