The safe and fast transfer of your money to Morocco 

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You are a Moroccan living in France , you want to carry out your transfer operations online without having to go to an agency? This is now possible with the new Daba Transfer mobile application! This new transfer solution launched exclusively by BMCE EuroServices, will allow you to make your transfers online to credit your account in Morocco at very advantageous conditions. Simply download the application available on Android and iOS or contact us on: 0522 42 15 44

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BANK OF AFRICA is always at your disposal to provide you with easy and tailor-made solutions.

You are a Moroccan living in France? You wish to settle expenses or send money to Morocco? BANK OF AFRICA ensures a quick and safe transfer of your money to Morocco via a direct debit.

This economical way allows you to perform intermittent or regular debits from your bank account in France and transfer the money to your BANK OF AFRICA account in Morocco.

Your money transfer is free of charge and you may subscribe to this service at the BANK OF AFRICA representative offices in France and the BANK OF AFRICA branches in Morocco.

If you are a Moroccan living in France, you can easily make a transfer from your French bank to a BANK OF AFRICA account in Morocco.

To make a transfer order, simply go to a BMCE EUROSERVICES branch in France or login via the remote banking service from your usual bank.

The sporadic transfer is a safe and convenient way allowing you to deliver your orders safely, at any time and without moving.

BANK OF AFRICA also offers cheque remittance to transfer your money to Morocco. If you are a BMCE EUROSERVICES client in France, benefit from this option and send money to your relatives in Morocco safely and easily.

The principle is simple: just deposit a cheque linked to your bank account in France at the nearest BANK OF AFRICA office in France. Anyone with an account at BANK OF AFRICA or another bank can benefit from this amount.

Whether you are in France or in Morocco, BANK OF AFRICA supports you and simplifies your banking operations.

BANK OF AFRICA offers you the transfer by card debit via an Electronic Payment Terminal: A simple and convenient way to convey your money to Morocco safely. All you need is a credit card and a visit to a BMCE EUROSERVICES office in France to carry out the money transfer.

BANK OF AFRICA allies with French partners and offers you solutions that meet your needs and ensure your full satisfaction. If you are a Moroccan living in France and a client of Crédit Mutuel or CIC, you can send your money to Morocco and benefit from several advantages. The CM-CIC packages offer you one free transfer per month.

For more information, please visit the branches of CIC or Crédit Mutuel at the following departments:


Aube  - Haute Savoie - Meurthe et Moselle  - Seine Saint Denis - Ain  - Haute Saône  - Moselle    - Territoire de Belfort - Bas Rhin  - Haute marne   - Nièvre   - Val de Marne - Côte d'or   - Hauts de Seine  - Paris   -  Val d'Oise - Doubs  - Isère   - Rhône    - Vosges - Essonne   -Jura   - Saône Et Loire  -  Yonne - Haute Loire   - Loire    - Savoie      - Yvelines - Haut Rhin   - Meuse    - Seine et Marne

BANK OF AFRICA provides you with a simple way to transfer money to Morocco. Our partner Dirham Express makes it possible for you to send your money in cash to the account of a client at BANK OF AFRICA or other banks in Morocco.

BANK OF AFRICA invites you to consult the Dirham Express network in France or its partners COINSTAR, MONEYTRANS and RIA for a service that meets all your expectations.