Discover all money transfer solutions of BANK OF AFRICA!

Are you a Moroccan living abroad and would like to send money to Morocco? Wherever you are, BANK OF AFRICA offers you several secure money transfer solutions to send money to Morocco. These solutions guarantee your comfort and make your day-to-day life easier.


Would you like to send money to Morocco without having to go to the bank? It is possible thanks to DabaTransfer, the new money transfer application from BMCE EuroServices, now available on Android and iOS! Download it now or call us on 05 22 42 15 44 for further information.

Discover the website Daba Transfer

Do you regularly send money to Morocco to your relatives or to settle your expenses? Would you like to automate your money transfer so that you no longer have to carry out the same operation repeatedly? Choose our direct debit solution, a simple, fast and secure process that allows you to make a one-off or regular debit from your bank account in France and transfer the money to your BANK OF AFRICA account in Morocco.

- BANK OF AFRICA makes it possible for you to transfer money securely and conveniently from your French bank to a BANK OF AFRICA account in Morocco by a one-off transfer. To do that, you simply need to go to a BMCE EuroServices branch in France or use the online banking service of your bank.

If you are a BMCE EuroServices customer, BANK OF AFRICA offers you the possibility to make a money transfer to Morocco by cheque remittance! The principle is simple; you just have to endorse a cheque with your French bank account and hand it over to one of our BANK OF AFRICA branches in France so that your account manager can proceed with the transfer.
(Anyone with a BANK OF AFRICA or other account can be the beneficiary).

BANK OF AFRICA also offers you the possibility of making a money transfer via an Electronic Payment Terminal ! And it is very simple, you just need to go to a BMCE EUROSERVICES branch in France and make the money transfer using your credit card.

Thanks to its partnership with MoneyGram International, BANK OF AFRICA offers you another secure money transfer solution under the best terms. All you have to do is to make a cash deposit to MoneyGram in France, and then your BANK OF AFRICA account or the one of your beneficiary will be credited instantly.

To meet your expectations, BANK OF AFRICA provides you with another simple way of making a money transfer through its partnership with Dirham Express. This service allows you to send cash money to a BANK OF AFRICA account in Morocco! Please consult Dirham Express network in France or its partners (COINSTAR, MONEYTRANS and RIA).
For further information on BANK OF AFRICA's services and products, please contact our customer service on 080 100 8100 or visit one of our commercial branches.