Dawli Classic Pack

BANK OF AFRICA brings you closer to your family and friends

You are a Moroccan World Citizen? The Dawli Classic pack allows you to benefit either from a checking account or an interest-bearing account in convertible Dirhams and a BMCE Family transfer card.

With your Family card, you may make withdrawals and payments in Morocco for you as well as your family. Religious feasts, weddings, holidays, start of the school year, a hard blow... whenever you like, you may transfer the amount of your choice to your card for the benefit of your family in Morocco.

To keep track throughout the year, follow your account situation thanks to the BMCE Direct service and receive 5 SMS alerts per month.  Thanks to BANK OF AFRICA, Morocco is always close.

With the Dawli Classic Pack, you are also exempt from both account management fees and fees for transfers received from abroad.


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