Pack MRE First

Are you a Moroccan living abroad? Are you young and dynamic? Would you like to travel and discover the world while freely managing your finances? BANK OF AFRICA’s Pack MRE First is the one for you!

Pack MRE First will enable you to benefit from the main banking services at no cost, and enjoy exclusive extra-banking advantages.

As part of a chequing account or Convertible Dirham account, with Pack MRE First, you are exempted from account keeping fees, ATM withdrawal fees, transfer to Morocco fees, transfer at reception fees and file opening fees when requesting a mortgage loan.

What is more is that thanks to your Platinum First international card, part of the Pack, you can take advantage of a large number of premium services all over the world:


  • Free access to 29 lounges in the largest international airports (6 times a year);
  • Discounts in a wide range of hotels, Duty Free shops, car rentals, etc.;
  • Extended ability of withdrawals and payments;
  • Offered protection insurance and extended warranty coverage of any purchases made by card;
  • Medical and legal assistance offered upon the purchase of transport tickets by card.


And that's not all, folks! You can also benefit from all the online banking services that make it possible for you to stay connected, remotely check your accounts and perform all your transactions with a single click.


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