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You are a Moroccan living in Italy, you want to carry out your transfer operations online without having to go to an agency? This is now possible with the new Daba Transfer mobile application! This new transfer solution launched exclusively by BMCE EuroServices, will allow you to make your transfers online to credit your account in Morocco at very advantageous conditions. Simply download the application available on Android and iOS or contact us on: 0522421544

Discover the website Daba Transfer

This is the best solution to settle your regular mortgage instalments and send money to your relatives in Morocco.

To subscribe to the Direct Debit option, please visit a BMCE EUROSERVICES branch in Italy, and choose the transfer amount and frequency that suit you.

BANK OF AFRICA is at your disposal to meet your expectations in the best possible ways.

You are a Moroccan living in Italy? You want to make sporadic transfers from your Italian bank to a BANK OF AFRICA account in Morocco? Nothing could be easier!

All you need to do is visit a BMCE EUROSERVICES branch in Italy or login via the remote banking service of your usual bank in Italy to make your transfer order.

This safe and convenient service allows you to transfer your funds to Morocco safely and at any time.

BANK OF AFRICA offers you the possibility to make money transfers by card debit via an electronic payment terminal. A solution that guarantees your safe money transfers.

With your credit card, transfer your money via a debit from your account in Italy at our BMCE EUROSERVICES branches in Italy at any time.

With BANK OF AFRICA, transfer your money to Morocco quickly and easily.

Through our partner Dirham Express, you may transfer your cash to Morocco safely to a client account at BANK OF AFRICA or any other bank.

BANK OF AFRICA invites you to consult the Dirham Express network in Italy and its partners for more convenience and comfort in money transfer.


Dirham Express partners in Italy: