Pack Dawli Plus

More services with the Dawli plus Pack

You wish to enjoy your stays fully in Morocco? The Dawli Plus Pack offers you many advantages for a pleasant daily life in the country. 

Besides the checking account or the account in convertible Dirhams, the Dawli Plus Pack gives you access to BMCE International Blue Card, which allows withdrawals and immediate payments wherever you are.

Your Dawli Plus Pack comes also with the Advantages card which makes you benefit from a 30% surplus on all your manual exchange operations. It also provides a whole range of services and special discounts offered to you by our partners, specialists in travel, hotels and transportation.


Want an apartment or a villa in Morocco?  With the Advantages card, you benefit from a 15% discount on the application fee for the Salaf Dari credit.

You may also manage your account remotely through access to the BMCE Direct service.