Transfer your money to Morocco safely






You are a Moroccan living in Belgium? Your family lives in Morocco? You wish to organize your next stay and have money at your disposal immediately? Transfer your money easily to Morocco with the BMCE EUROSERVICES punctual transfer service.

To carry out your transfer order, go to the nearest BMCE EUROSERVICES agency in Belgium, or login to the online banking service of your usual bank.

Punctual transfer is a safe and convenient means to transfer your orders safely, at any time, and without moving.

You are in a hurry, and so are your relatives? The transfer through card debit via an EPT allows you to send your money to Morocco in real time. With your credit card, you can carry out your transfer at the BMCE EUROSERVICES agencies in Belgium.

To support you, BANK OF AFRICA mobilizes its leading-edge technology to offer you the best banking services at the earliest possible.

You may also carry out your money transfer at our Dirham Express partner in Belgium.

BANK OF AFRICA supports you wherever you are with quick and simple formulas.