Join an exceptional world and enjoy new experiences!!

Positioned at the highest level of the range of electronic banking services available, World Elite MasterCard is your exceptional bank card that opens the doors on many worlds designed to meet your desires.

BMCE World Elite card is the first hybrid card on the market intended to meet your everyday needs wherever you are worldwide. It includes a range of services with high added value such as payment limits, specific withdrawals, enhanced assistance and insurance guarantees, a private concierge service, access to VIP lounges, fast track service at airports and many other special offers.




The world Elite card can be used with all your accounts, whether in dirham, convertible dirham or other currencies. It is provided to you with a new generation contactless bracelet, which enables you to perform contactless payment transactions. It functions just like your ELITE card.





Would you like to benefit from the most prestigious international card in the MasterCard network and enjoy many privileges:

  • Unlimited access to over 1,000 airport lounges by registering on the Mastercard Travel Pass app (IOS or Android) or at
  • Access to a unique collection of over 2000 exceptional hotels and resorts with a range of privileges.



Unmatched insurance and assistance horizons to guarantee safe and comfortable trips:

  • Travel comfort, and damage and collision insurance for rental vehicles.
  • Luggage loss and delay, flight cancellation, delay or restriction, missed connection, etc. 
  • Flight insurance at automatic ticket machines.


Life Style:

A concierge service that responds by phone, free of charge, to your most common as well as most uncommon requests, like a personal 24/7 secretary.


From now on, you have the possibility to change or personalize the PIN of your BANK OF AFRICA cards at any time by a simple text message or via ATM. For more information, we invite you to contact our customer relations center on 0801008100.