Your dedicated Customer Advisor, supported by all the know-how and expertise of our group, is attentive to your needs to offer you tailor-made solutions in a privileged and sustainable relationship.

The “Solutions Executive Managers” offer aims at assisting you on a daily basis, in the management and optimization of your financial interests, combining the classic services of the bank with the most advanced expertise, particularly in the management of your savings and your investments.


With the package offers of BANK OF AFRICA, we offer many online and tailor-made services.

These packages allow you to benefit from price advantages on a set of products and services backed by a bank account: reduced pricing, management of your account in real time through the BMCE Direct remote banking solution, flat-rate account keeping fees and commissions related to current transactions, possibility of having prestigious payment cards; Also, with the Online Stock Exchange option, you benefit from great responsiveness in managing your Securities Portfolio and quality financial information.


BANK OF AFRICA offers prestigious cards with comprehensive services: Visa Infinite, Visa Platinum International or Mastercard World.

Access to a universe of privileges and optimize your withdrawals and purchases in Morocco and abroad!

Thanks to BANK OF AFRICA's prestigious bank card offer, you benefit from very extensive payment facilities, exclusive backed services (such as the Private Concierge Service, free access to airport lounges, etc.) as well as comprehensive solutions integrating a reinforced security system and extensive services of international medical and legal assistance.


Finance your projects and face your unforeseen events.

Mortgage Loan, Personal Loan, Overdraft, Leverage Loan "Asset Facility", with our various credit solutions tailored to your expectations, you can finance all your personal projects in the short term, finance a real estate project, deal with specific needs of cash or have a line of credit to reinvest on the stock market and to build up your securities portfolio.


Our savings and investment solutions are varied to best meet your requirements in terms of availability, profitability, liquidity and security of your savings.

Do you want to invest your capital in savings products in the short term or in the medium and long term? Our Advisors, relying on the expertise of the BANK OF AFRICA Group, provide you with the best suited solutions to your requirements.


Short Term Investments 

Passbook savings account, Term Deposits & Certificates of deposits

Flexible and accessible solutions at a guaranteed rate, to boost your savings safely.


Monetary UCITS(1)

Very liquid solutions with a range of UCITS (1) adapted to different strategies and investment profiles.


Securities Products

Investments in Shares & Bonds according to the good opportunities and market trends.


Medium and Long Term Investments

Crescendo Life Insurance

Life Insurance Contract to value and transfer capital and prepare your projects; opt for a strategy that is both protective and attractive: you benefit from an optimal rate of return, tax benefits at full term and insurance.


Diversified & Bond UCITS (1)

With the range of UCITS: Easy access to different financial markets, secure investment, availability of your investments at all times, management entrusted to experts, advantageous taxation.

(1) UCITS are BMCE Capital Gestion products marketed by BANK OF AFRICA.


Progressive Savings

Retirement & Education Savings: to prepare your and your children’s future.


Active Retirement

Build and value or pass on your capital at your own pace. Prepare retirement and your projects or have additional income.


Education Savings

Prepare for a peaceful future or build your children's future



A set of insurance solutions, to protect you and your relatives, because tomorrow is prepared today


Santé Monde/span>

Get comprehensive health coverage in Morocco and abroad with several benefits thanks to a high ceiling.


Assistance Gold
Get international family coverage and benefit from extensive services in medical, technical and legal assistance.