#21resourcesforthefuture: the manifesto that makes Africans proud of today’s and tomorrow’s Africa


07/06/2021 - #21resourcesforthefuture: the manifesto that makes Africans proud of today’s and tomorrow’s Africa

  • A manifesto highlighting Africa's assets that make it the continent of the future
  • A strong message symbolizing the historic turning point of BANK OF AFRICA, which is adopting a new, unique brand across the entire continent to support the development momentum that Africa is experiencing

The adoption of a single brand, "BANK OF AFRICA," since 2020 is a proof of the banking group’s commitment to work for Africa and Africans.

"This new milestone in the bank's history is in line with the enlightened vision and numerous actions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI for the development and economic integration of Africa and the prosperity of its citizens," said the Chairman of the banking group, Mr. Othman Benjelloun. “Africa is a promise for the 21st century, in which BANK OF AFRICA believes unequivocally. Our vision of the continent is that of a dynamic Africa, confident in its potential and fully anchored in its time."

Thus, the manifesto #21resourcesforthefuture, which is available in the trilingual platform 21ressourcespourlavenir.com, aims at conveying the bank's optimistic vision for the Africa of tomorrow and affirming its firm commitment to participating in the continent’s development. Be it demographic, social, economic or political, BANK OF AFRICA is convinced that Africa has the necessary assets to face the changing global trends.

This belief is the source of the momentum initiated by the BANK OF AFRICA Group, illustrated by the adoption of a new signature "OUR CONTINENT, OUR FUTURE" which delivers on the powerful promise to unveil all the African potential and make it a wealth for the future.

To support its communication strategy, BANK OF AFRICA is launching an optimistic corporate film with a forward-looking, ambitious vision of Africa that aims at giving Africans confidence in their future and make them proud of who they are.

Discover the manifesto on 21ressourcespourlavenir.com

Through its presence in 32 countries, 21 of which are in Africa, the 15.200 women and men of the group serve daily millions of customers and thousands of African companies.